An Exceedingly Cute Couple

September 5th, 2014, 5:21 am

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Reply ayna, September 5th, 2014, 5:47 am

Wasn't expecting that at all!

Reply Kayos, September 5th, 2014, 6:50 am

Umm... Woah. This gave me palpitations. O.O

Reply MrsMink, September 5th, 2014, 8:49 am

Just HAVE to fangirl! I'm not in for deep and thoughtful comments today, so...

OMFG those two are so friggin' cute and Lon is just Prince Charming and perfect and aawwwww :3
Go away El!

Yes. I feel better now!

Reply raziesgirl (Guest), September 5th, 2014, 2:26 pm

Well I saw that one coming FIVE MILES AWAY The day of judgment has finally come and I must say though I was waiting for it to happen I still wasn't prepared .Oh Elijah your really gonna **ck this up I foresee a terrible scene there will be blood unfortunately it was fated to happen .Plus Elijah look's CRAY CRAY my heart goes out to all three I also foresee a restraining order (Elijah).I'm wondering if Elijah's gonna try to physically take Jason against his will I get the feeling that some bad thing are about to come out and it's heart breaking. Lon and Jason really look happy and I like how Lon doesn't care who see's them and is proud of there relationship I can't remember but did Lon know that Jason was seeing Elijah or did he guess it .

Reply JesBelle, September 5th, 2014, 3:37 pm

@raziesgirl : Lon guessed and Jason confirmed that he and Elijah were once an item. He also likely thinks that Elijah was physically abusive to Jason since he saw bruises on Jason's wrist left by Professor de Sade, and of course, Jason was all cagey and crappy excuses about them.

Reply JesBelle, September 5th, 2014, 3:44 pm

Lon's tendency to treat Jason like a trophy really irks me. Maybe I'm the only one who ever reads it that way, but sometimes I think he views Jason as a funky antique he picked out of a trash heap and polished up. Now he wants everyone to commend him on his incredible taste.

Reply MegaAnimeFreak7, September 6th, 2014, 2:44 am

@JesBelle: I can honestly say I don't see it that way at all, but I can understand where you're coming from. To me it just looks like he's in love and he wants everyone to understand that he's in love and he doesn't care what they think because the only opinion that matters to him are of those that are important people in his life.

Reply JesBelle, September 6th, 2014, 7:29 am

@MegaAnimeFreak7: Yeah, I suspect we all enjoy that "I-get-to-tap-that" feeling from time to time, and I may be nit-picking at Lon because there's something about him that just rubs me the wrong way. He's been nothing but warm and supportive and he seems sincerely in love with Jason, and yet...

Jason certainly gets the sense that he needs to keep the more broken elements of his life from Lon and I can't help but agree that Lon thinks it's cute to be with someone beautiful and quirky, but that he might not be so keen on someone with serious problems.

Or, I might be talking out of my ass because I just like Elijah more.

Reply dmellieon, September 6th, 2014, 8:41 pm

Sigh... @JesBelle and @MegaAnimeFreak7:
I'm caught between both your views! Yes, Lon is loving and supportive. Yes, Is Lon really "too good to be for real"?
So far, for me anyway, this comic is less Wuthering Heights and more Sense and Sensibility (the 1995 movie version). Jason is Marianne, Lon (so far) is Col. Brandon and Eli is Willoughby. Lon, like Col. Brandon, is the sensible choice while Eli, like Willoughby, fits Jason's sensibilities.
Lawd, how I love this comic's story, plotting and characters!

Reply MegaAnimeFreak7, September 7th, 2014, 12:42 am

@JesBelle: LOL That last sentence XDD

Reply jezebel-polizia, September 7th, 2014, 3:23 am

You're on to something @dmellieon: not gonna lie, sense and sensibility was another massive inspiration for the story.... I love the 1995 film so much, it's one of my top 5. :)

Reply JesBelle, September 7th, 2014, 9:32 am

@dmellieon: Or Lon is Willoughby -- The golden boy who suddenly can't be found when he can't have his cake and eat it too? hmmmmmmmmmm.

Izzit Monday yet?

Reply imightbeapanda, September 7th, 2014, 2:07 pm

holy shit this comic is killing me....
I hate how Jason cheated on Lon, but at least it's obvious that he feels guilty about it. He finally accepts to himself that he loves Lon, and I'm glad about that.
I'm still pissed at Eliah for doing what he did, but it's for sure that he has a reason.
You portray the character's feelings so well. Ugh... you just like making your readers suffer, don't you.

(haven't commented in a while, sorry bout that <3)

Reply arochii (Guest), September 27th, 2014, 11:57 pm


Reply arochii (Guest), September 27th, 2014, 11:58 pm

@arochii: I'm dumb of course he's evil if he's a villain

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